Asset Protection and Estate Planning

In these days of government shutdowns, financial crises and terrorist attacks, securing a legacy for our families and loved ones may seem a daunting challenge. Still, there are tools and techniques available to preserve and protect those legacies. The attorneys at RHP have been working with families and individuals for four decades to put those tools and techniques into comprehensive estate plans. We anticipate the things that can go wrong and include crisis management in all of our plans, so that our clients are spared the expense and stress of long drawn out court proceedings. Whether you decide that your needs are best met by a comprehensive will-based plan or Lifeplan with a living trust, your plan will ensure:

  • That you will stay in control of your health care and financial matters as long as you are able.
  • Instructions and guidance for wishes will be fulfilled at the end of life and after you are gone.
  • Financial and personal assets are left to your loved ones in a trust that each beneficiary controls, while keeping your precious legacy from falling into the hands of creditors, being divided up in a divorce, or taken as a result of a second marriage leaving your children disinherited.
  • Your story is told and your life experiences are shared with your loved one.

While assuring that each plan contains all of those elements, we also take care to customize every plan to the needs of each individual or family. We offer comprehensive Affordable Estate Plans for Young Families who want to protect and provide for their children should a sudden accident take both parents. We are also skilled and experienced in working with high net-worth individuals and can offer cutting edge planning techniques to minimize the Federal Estate Tax, the use of asset protection trusts and other irrevocable trusts such as Spousal Limited Access Trusts and Qualified Personal Residence Trusts.


Contact us to learn more about Asset Protection, our free Estate Planning workshops, and our 40 years of experience working with families across the Central Pennsylvania region.