Affordable Estate Planning for Young Families

There are many reasons younger adults postpone planning their own estate, or in many cases, choose one of the ever-growing number of do-it-yourself estate planning sites online. We understand the appeal of these websites but are concerned that users are not heeding the disclaimers that exist sometimes in very small print. One site, for example, offers a $50,000 "Peace of Mind" guarantee. $50,000 is a very small amount if you think about the risks of leaving your family unprotected. Remember, if your estate plan doesn’t work you will never know!

We understand how important convenience is to young families with schedules already full of school, sports, church, scouting, piano lessons and a number of other things. We are happy to meet with clients in the evening and on weekends at our offices or in their homes. By collecting information ahead of time we are able to hit the ground running at our initial planning conference.

Our Estate Plans Include:

  • A customized comprehensive plan will include beneficiary controlled trusts to protect assets when they pass to the next generation as well as carefully crafted guardianship provisions for minors
  • Comprehensive financial powers of attorney
  • Comprehensive healthcare powers of attorney
  • A living will/advanced health care directive
  • A standby guardianship agreement
  • Financial and healthcare powers of attorney for their children when they reach 18
  • A look down the road as to future planning issues and steps to take today to avoid the complication and stress of surprises

Contact us to learn more about Affordable Estate Planning, our free workshops and our 40 years of experience working with families across the Central Pennsylvania region.