Your Business Advantage®

It’s a habit many businesses have formed: asking for legal help long after they should have. And it’s not uncommon to hear that they waited to get help “in order to save money” or because “they thought they had all the details covered.” We knew we had to create a solution to change their thinking and promote proactive legal advice. That’s why we created the Your Business Advantage program.

How Your Business Advantage Works

The Your Business Advantage program is one of the only legal advice programs of its kind. It’s designed to help us build a relationship with you, centered on the issues and opportunities affecting your business. We become part of your team and work alongside you to proactively protect your business and help you achieve long-term goals.

It all starts with an initial review of your business procedures and contracts. We work with your team of financial advisors, accountants, insurance advisors and other key people to look at the year ahead. Then, we give you recommended strategies and actions that will protect your assets from your business liabilities. As the year goes on, we’re available whenever you need us for a flat rate.

Our Comprehensive Services Package Includes:

  1. Asset Protection Assessment: Identifying areas in your contracts and policies that are in need of improvement and recommending actions to protect you from lawsuits, excessive taxation, insurance coverage issues and more.

  2. Fast Track Answers: Responding to your quick legal questions within 24 hours for an annual retainer fee. If we can resolve your issue in an hour or less there are no additional monthly charges.

  3. Strategic Legal Counseling: Providing proactive advice, not just responsive support, to tighten your legal protections and prevent the types of legal issues that can cost you time and money.

  4. Email Alerts: Periodic advice and communication of legal changes that might impact your business.

  5. Fee Control Commitment: Reviews and fast-track answers for an annual fee. Any additional services outside of the program scope are provided at a 20% discount to our exclusive program members.

We have the expertise, but the advantage is yours! Contact us today to get started.