Business Planning & Transactions

Services to Businesses

Our firm has been counseling and advising companies and businesses throughout the Greater Susquehanna Valley for four decades. As in our estate and asset protection practice, our strategy is proactive and preventive. Like polo, litigation is the sport of kings, i.e. expensive and stressful. Thus, we work with our business clients and develop policies, contracts and procedures that anticipate the risks and pitfalls. We know fundamentally that we must first take the time to understand our client’s business, so our advice and counsel is not cookie cutter or copied from a form book, and rather, crafted to the particular needs of each of our clients.

Many of our business clients have joined the Your Business Advantage Program® (YBA) that we developed in 2008. YBA allows business clients to access our services without the “KA-ching” of a bill every time they call with a question. We know from experience that when clients hesitate to call problems that could have been avoided or quickly resolved end up costing clients fees and losing time away from their business. YBA members also receive a 20% discount on our normal hourly rates.

Contact us to learn more about Your Business Advantage® and our 40 years of experience working with businesses across the Central Pennsylvania region.

Business Finance and Commercial Loans

Our firm has long been recognized for the depth of experience in representing both business owners and commercial lenders in the area of business finance. The firm’s founder, Attorney Rudnitsky, came to private practice and established the firm having served as counsel to the Pennsylvania Department of Commerce. Likewise, Attorney Hackman has a long history as counsel to several of the industrial development agencies that provide low interest economic development loans to the region’s expanding and new businesses.

Today, Attorney Hackman holds Designated Counsel status from the US Small Business Administration and represents the SEDA-Cog Local Development Corporation in closing SBA 504 loans throughout several counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Attorney Hackman’s familiarity with not only the 504 program but also the programs of the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority, the Department of Community and Economic Development and the USDA provides the base for navigating her clients through the process of approvals and closings. Attorney Hackman has also assisted clients in obtaining commercial loans from most of the region’s commercial and community banks and is recognized by lenders and businesses alike for her understanding of finance law and her efficiency in getting the parties to closing.