Asset Protection and Estate Planning For Farm Families

A family farm is both a business and a family treasure. As estate planners, we work with farm families and their other advisors, taking time to understand not only the financial circumstances, but also the family dynamics and often emotional issue of fairness where one or more children have stayed on the farm and others have moved on. We assist our families in organizing limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and other entities for asset protection and facilitating the orderly transfer of the farm from one generation to the next.

In addition, we offer our farm families the same comprehensive will-based plan and Lifeplan living trusts that meet the goals they share with our other clients:

  • That you will stay in control of your health care and financial matters as long as you are able.
  • Instructions and guidance for wishes will be fulfilled at the end of life and after you are gone.
  • Financial and personal assets are left to your loved ones in a trust that each beneficiary controls while keeping your precious legacy from falling into the hands of creditors, being divided up in a divorce, or taken as a result of a second marriage.
  • Your story is told and your life experiences shared with your loved ones.

Contact us to learn more about Asset Protection & Estate Planning and our 40 years of experience working with farm families across the Central Pennsylvania region.