January 10, 2018

Attorney Hackman Featured in Philadelphia Inquirer Article

Our lead asset protection and estate planning attorney was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer article, Threatened by a Thousand Cuts, published on December 14, 2017. The feature article addressed an issue that most Pennsylvanians are not aware of, the impeding peril to our vast reserve of private woodlands as aging owners divide or sell. Attorney Hackman was cited for her work with the Center for Private Forests, a Penn State University center training professional foresters, and with the owners and heirs themselves planning for woodland succession. The digital version of the article can be viewed at
Karen considers it an honor and privilege to use her professional experience in the protection of Pennsylvania’s private woodlands. We tend to take this precious resource for granted because we don’t know that about a century ago, Pennsylvania was almost stripped of its forests. The link to better understand that surprising piece of our history is

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