March 19, 2020




Comfort of Confidence in the Time of COVID-19


Don’t let fear of the future prevent you from doing what you can do today.





            Understandably, COVID-19 and its consequences have caused many of our clients to reach out to us with questions about their Wills, Powers of Attorney and Trusts.  Many have asked us to update their documents.  Other individuals being familiar with the nature of our practice (trust and estate planning, elder law and long-term care protection planning) have contacted us to ask if there is a way to get that important work done now. Our business and commercial clients have contacted us with questions ranging from compliance to 401k hardship certifications. We have always understood that clients’ concerns and needs often require a response regardless of whether the office is open or not and we will continue to do so.  While we have closed our office as ordered by the Governor, you can reach Ken and Karen on their cell phones or email as provided below:



Karen Hackman: 570-898-8480 [email protected]

Ken Potter: 570-847-5526 [email protected]












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