March 05, 2014

40 Years & Looking Forward

A lot has changed in forty years; look back at the evolution of technology alone. And while we tend to focus on what society has gained in that time, some things have gone as quickly as they came. This year marks the 40th anniversary for the law firm Rudnitsky Hackman & Potter. As they look back and celebrate those 40 years, they are also looking forward to the future, as the attorneys transition into new leadership roles. The firm’s founder, Attorney Marvin J. Rudnitsky, stepped down as partner in January of 2013, turning the reigns of leadership over to Attorneys Karen Hackman and Ken Potter. While he remains on the RHP team as Senior Counsel, it is very much a new era for the long-standing firm.

Since 1974, the Selinsgrove-based attorneys have been providing comprehensive legal services and expertise to individuals, families, businesses, non-profits and agri-businesses throughout Central Pennsylvania. Even as the legal field has changed over the years, RHP has held fast to its mission of giving clients The Comfort of Confidence.

The firm takes pride in providing personalized service and advice to clients, taking the time to learn about each individual or business and helping take some of the burdens off their shoulders. Whether it’s aiding an individual in planning their estate or understanding elder laws, helping them file for bankruptcy relief, assisting veterans in claiming benefits or steering businesses through complex situations, RHP aims to make the legal world a little less scary and a lot easier to understand.

Experienced in guiding its clients through succession planning and business transitions, RHP has been heeding its own advice in the implementation of a succession plan. Attorneys Hackman and Potter are developing strategies to grow the firm’s services and ensure it is here for another 40 years. There is no better fit to do the job than these two legal veterans, who have a strong presence in their field and in the community.

Having been with RHP for 30 years, Attorney Hackman has been instrumental in the development of the firm. She has gained rapport with local clientele and government officials during her 27 years as partner, enabling the firm to provide personalized, timely service. With an extensive background, Attorney Hackman leads the team in business and estate planning, asset protection and commercial real estate financing/development.

Attorney Potter has been with the firm since 2002, becoming a partner last year. Although he is newer to RHP, he brings a wealth of specialized knowledge that is enabling the firm to expand its services. Experienced in bankruptcy and elder law, Attorney Potter is overseeing the growth and development of these services at RHP. Having worked as a law clerk in the Northumberland County Court of Common Pleas and in the district attorney’s office, he is also well versed in business and commercial litigation.

Together, Attorneys Hackman and Potter have a solid plan to keep the firm around for another 40 years. They are already looking to add more attorneys to their team and sharpen the firm’s practice areas. 
“We feel very strongly about keeping the firm right here and continuing its legacy. We’ve learned that with each year we establish an even stronger connection with our clients and the community. Those personal and professional connections are everything; they’re crucial to the success of both client and firm,” Hackman said. “So, we’ll be here for the long run. You can count on that.”

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