What is a Pennsylvania Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment?

Pennsylvania Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment, known as POLSTs, are medical orders completed by your Physician, that give patients control over receiving certain types of medical treatment. We have been advised that the POLST is meant to complement your Living Will/Advance Directive, to ensure that, in all circumstances, your wishes are carried out. For example, it is difficult to provide for instruction through a Living Will/Advance Directive in the case of Dementia or a reversible condition. By working with your Physician to complete a POLST, you would be able to ensure that no matter your circumstances your wishes are carried out with regard to such things as receiving CPR, antibiotics or artificially administered hydration and nutrition.

The RHP Law Group strives to offer our clients compressive planning to handle any situation. While we are unable to provide you with a POLST we encourage you to discuss with your Physician if you think a POLST is appropriate for you. We also encourage you to have a conversation with your family members about what your treatment or end of life wishes and goals are, so there is no question as to how you want your affairs handled, no matter the circumstance.