A Thought for Thanksgiving

Like so many of my friends and colleagues the holidays are every year more precious and poignant as we acknowledge that we have stepped into the caregiver’s role for our parents and other loved ones.  One thing that I have noticed is how many more resources are available to caregivers than were previously.  I count this a blessing for which I am very grateful this year.  Whether we are thrust into the role suddenly or gradually our lives are forever changed to the point where we are in unknown territory and need the support, expertise and knowledge of experts and others who have already travelled this path.

One of those resources that I have often used in this blog is www.aplaceformom.com. This week I came upon this insightful article by a geriatric psychologist concerning 5 steps to take when we gather with our elders over the holidays.  I hope that you will find it helpful and that you share a safe and happy Thanksgiving with your families and loved ones.