Veteran's Day

On this special day, RHP Law Group would like to thank all the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country. Many of our honored veterans are unaware of a non-service connected pension benefit that is available to help pay for the care they need to stay at home or in an assisted living facility. This pension is designed for our older veterans and is available even if you were not injured in combat or served overseas.

The veteran must have served at least ninety days on active duty with one day during wartime. Service during a period of war does not mean you must have been deployed overseas. To qualify for aid and attendance, the veteran’s physician must declare in writing that the claimant needs personal assistance or a protective environment.

This needs-based pension is also dependent upon the veteran having limited assets. However, don’t let that prevent you from talking to a VA accredited attorney at RHP, as there may be tools to help you meet the qualifications. The bottom line is that the veteran’s household out-of-pocket medical costs must exceed or come close to his/her total household gross income.

In 2015, the maximum pension rates for Aid and Attendance are as follows: 

  • Single Veteran $1,788 per month
  • Married Veteran $2,120 per month
  • Surviving spouse $1,149 per month


This is a great tool to help a veteran pay for the assistance to stay in his/her home or to afford assisted living. This is tax free income available to help a veteran or his/her surviving spouse with financial assistance when they need it the most.

Each VA claim is unique, and regulations are subject to change at any time. If you would like more information about this veteran’s non-service-connected pension benefit, please contact Attorney Ken Potter at RHP Law Group LLC, phone 570-743-2333 or email [email protected].