Plan For the Future

Getting Your Affairs in Order

In its November 2014 “Age Page”, the National Institutes of Health shared two very different stories about families facing the sudden disability of a loved one:

Ben has been married for 47 years. He always managed the family's money. But since his stroke, Ben can't walk or talk. His wife, Shirley, feels overwhelmed. Of course, she's worried about Ben's health. But on top of that, she has no idea what bills should be paid or when they are due.

Across town, 80-year-old Louise lives alone. One night, she fell in the kitchen and broke her hip. She spent a week in the hospital and 2 months in a rehabilitation nursing home. Even though her son lives across the country, he was able to pay her bills and handle her Medicare questions right away. That's because, several years ago, Louise and her son made a plan about what he should do in case Louise had a medical emergency.

It is easy to see which family will experience the greater stress and strain and how the simple fact of having a power of attorney makes a great difference. As we end the holiday season and begin a new year, consider the gift you give your family by planning for a sudden disability. For more information and a very helpful discussion, click this link.