Data Storage

Protecting Important Media at Home

We spent a good deal of time at our staff meeting on Friday, reviewing our procedures and policies for protection of private information.  It is a concern for nearly every business that I can think of, and even more so in the case of a law firm.
This past year, we have taken additional steps to assure that private and sensitive information is protected.  These measures include installing security alarms and email encryption.  Our most recent discussions have focused on the protection of media, such as hard drives, CDs and diskettes, from fire as well as damage from sprinklers, water and humidity.  What we have learned is that there are different types of safes, “fire-proof safes” and media safes.
Then I had an “aha” moment.  How do we protect this kind of media in our homes?  That “aha” is what prompted this blog.  The link that I share below provides helpful information on the subject of how long data survives on various media types.  I also spoke with our security consultant on the matter of media safes.  He recommends FireKing brand media safes for the best protection, and I am pleased to report that smaller personal units are available for home use.  Something to think about…………

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